Friday, June 29, 2007

Nice day off and $5K 6-max sadness

So on Wednesday I didn't play anything, I slept in and then went to Bellagio to sweat Bond18 at a final table there and meet up with a whole bunch of other online guys who were doing the same. Unfortunately Bond went out really quickly in 8th after losing a big flip, but that meant more time for drinking and hanging out. Also, Bond and crew had a pretty funny interview before the tournament with Cardplayer: (Bond comes on like 2 mins in). He probably went a bit overboard but all in good fun. Anyways, Bond got 8 of us comped for dinner at Bellagio Cafe and after that we played some craps (I lost this time :-() before most people left and we headed to the Rio. At this point grayfx and I decided to donk it up at a 4/8 limit table and have a few more drinks, and we got Bond to come play too when he finished writing another of his trip reports. The game was a ton of fun but I had a couple more drinks than I was planning and wasn't as well-rested as I'd have liked to be for the $5K today, but it was worth it to have a fun day away from serious poker at last.

The tournament today went up and down a bit, but overall didn't go very well and I busted just before the dinner break. I won a few big pots against devilfish who was on my left when my trips outkicked his trips and I flopped top set against his top 2 pair (lol T8o). After that hand I have like 26K and this hand happened when I managed to lose the minimum with QQ preflop:

Howard Lederer raises to 600 in the hijack at 100/200 a25, the SB who is some fairly aggro local guy makes it 2100 in the SB on a really big stack. I find QQ in the BB and just call, and then Howard jams at least like 15K more, SB folds and I shake my head and fold pretty quickly. Howard said he had KK after. I then lose 2 fairly big pots in a row.

I raise 55 to 900 at 150/300 a25 in the HJ and get called by the BB. Flop 766 I decide to check behind. Turn 6 he bets 2K which is a pretty big bet, around the size of the pot and I call. River 2 he bets 2500 which looks like it's begging to be called but I figure he prboably doens't put me on a pair after I checked the flop so he can have 44 or 33 maybe or occasionally just a cheap bluff attempt so I call and lose to 99. I think my play is fine though.

Folded to aggro local guy in the SB who raises to 900. I decide to defend with 96cc. Flop QTT 2 clubs. He bets 1500 and I call. Turn offsuit 8 giving me tons more outs, he bets 3000 and I call. I kind of wanted to jam on him here but it would have been too big a bet and him betting into me twice should show a lot of strength, though in retrospect this guy may have just been bad. Turn K he fires 6K and I muck. I think I like raising the flop better against this guy in retrospect.

Anwyays nothing happens for a while, I resteal a bit to keep chips as I'm really card dead before raising the flop with air in a blind vs blind hand and getting shoved on, then open shoving what I had left w/ A5o in the SB and getting called by the BB with 33 and losing. Tomorrow is a $2K NL.


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