Saturday, June 02, 2007

WSOP Trip Report #1

OK a fair amount of stuff happened already I'm going to try to remember everything as best I can. Thursday was a pretty boring day. My flight was relatively uneventful, I met Steve at the airport in Toronto, and despite leaving 45 minutes late we arrive in Vegas right on time. Schaefer picked us up at the airport, and we went to rent a car for him since he's 25+ and Steve and I are using his car. Eventually we got all that sorted and headed towards our condo, which we were able to locate without much trouble. Things were going just a little too well up to this point, it was pretty ominous. So we go up to our condo and put in what we think is the code to unlock the door and nothing happens. After a few minutes of hopeless button mashing we try calling the lady to find out the real code (turns out the code we had was for an outside gate that is never closed). It's 1:30am or so by now though sh's obviously asleep. Great. So we decide to run down to the Rio (where all WSOP events take palce) to get our money and register for a few tournaments and hope we somehow hear from her while we're there.

Now the whole wire transfer to the Rio thing had me kind of nervous because the people at the bank who did mine hadn't really done a lot of these before so I was pretty worried it might not have been done right. We get up to the cage and they start looking for our money. It must be a complete disaster back there because she kept saying hold on I'm looking somewhere else. Eventually she came back saying to try again in the monring because those people are better with things, but that they may not ahve received it yet. Sigh. Between the condo and wire transfer I was really hoping to go 1/2 for at least, I mean I knew something had to go wrong but come on. So at this point we're basically screwed, we have like 8K between us and we both want to play a 5K tourney the next day, and it's getting late and we have nowhere to sleep. We call one of our friends and find out that Bond18 is staying at the Rio and he says we can crash with him. So we meet him 20 mins later and go crash for the night. In the morning I was supposed to do a big online for cash transfer with another guy I know from online so we would have money to buy in.

We make up at 8:30, and for some reason I slept terribly. We're able to get a hold of the lady renting us the condo and find out taht Aaron set the door code himself and forgot to tell it to Steve. Frigging Aaron. Steve could have guessed it if he knew that too. So we go try to get our money again and they tell us the transfer hasn't gone through yet. Great, these things are not supposed to take more than a couple days normally. Anyways we're able to put together a plan where we go get set up in our condo, then head to Tresaure Island to the PokerStars booth to get our gear from there and sign some form(I'm buying in to several events with my W$ so I ahve to wear their crap), and then rock over to the Mandalay Bay to meet Thayer and borrow some money. Thayer is at the final table of the Mandaly Bay WPT event today so good luck to him! He is obviously being backed by Steve and timex, so their Vegas backing is off to a pretty ok start. First tourney, first final table. timex is so lucky at backing it's sick.

So things go as planned and we arrive at the Rio at 11:45 for a 12pm start. The line is like 1000 peopl long or something. It's completely fucking insane. Fortunately, as we had guessed, they were letting people playing the $5K that day cut to the front and register since it was starting soon. It still took a while and a few more debalces to get bought in, but I finally was seated at table 39 seat 5. OK I'm going to make a new post for the tournament since this is semi-long already. I busted out towards the end of the day for those who want to know how I did.


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