Monday, June 11, 2007

Just another typical Sunday....

OK not exactly, it was actually significantly more heartbreaking than most. I went deep in three majors and got screwed at the end of all of them. First was the Party 300K guaranteed, where I was running insanely good the whole way and had lots of chips. Then with 15 left I had around 550K chips and got all-in pre with AQ vs A9. Flop Q85. I'm winning this tournament for sure. I looked away and made some decsions on my other tables, and when I looked back I had 100K chips as the turn and river came 6,7. Then I robbed some blinds and won AT vs JJ all-in prelfop to get back to 500K, and I was forced to call an all-in with 75 and beat his 44 to get to 600K or so. I got dealt KK with 11 left and raised, then got reraised all-in by AQ. Flop JT8. Oh crap. Turn 2 ok.... River A. hyachachachachach. Then in the Stars 2nd chance with 27 left I had an above average stack and got in preflop with KK again, this time vs AA. Finally, in the 200 rebuy on Stars with 12 left there was a raise UTG (6-handed), I had JJ so I shoved, some clown in the BB called with 99 and the UTG raiser had AA :-(. So those 3 cashes added up to a total of like $5500 (1st paid 60K, 48K, 46K respectively in the three). I also made like 4K in cash games. Oh yeah I obviously won my 6th main event seat in the $650 satellite. So ridiculous. So all-in all it's was still a really good day, but of course Im still somewhat disappointed. Tomorrow is the $2500 NL, and probably the $2K Stud Hi/Lo if I bust out before 5, though with 5K starting chips I don't really expect to be out early.


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