Monday, June 25, 2007

Dinner, dice, and donkaments

Alright so after busting the tournament on Friday we met up with Bond and Adam Junglen for dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris casino. It was a nice restaurant, we had some wine and I ordered pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, which was obviously delcious because it's meat wrapped in bacon. We then decided we wanted to relax and watch a movie so we headed over to the Palms, but Knocked Up wasn't playing for a couple hours so we decided to rent a movie instead. However we made a detour to the craps table on the way out and Bond taught me how to play . I kind of wanted to learn how to play just because it seems like the most fun/social pit game and the house edge is apparently pretty small if you know what to bet, so it's not the worst way to spend some time with buddies while getting free drinks. Anyways we played until we both got to roll and I was lucky to make $200. I've got this -EV gambling down, if I could just figure out how to win when the odds are in my favour now!

Saturday was another enormous field $1500 NL event. I'm tired of writing long boring tournaments reports, so I'll stick to cliffs notes for this one. I got up to $30K chips at the dinner break (which is average stack when we get in the money) but then lost it all in the 90 minutes before the next break. I played fine though, there were just a lot of hands where I basically had to lose some chips. On my bustout hand I moved in over a late position raise from David "sirio11" Cosssio with 44 since I had the perfect stack size for it but he had KK. Oh well.

Today I played online all day and made a few nice scores. I won yet another Main Event seat in the $650 satellite. This one was highlited by my K7o beating KK all-in preflop. I run so good in that tournament it's incredible. I also finally final tabled a big Sunday tournament, finishing 3rd in the $200 rebuy for just under $21K. I took a few really bad beats on the river at that final table but I was also gettting dealt a ton of good hands and hitting flops so I can't really complain too much about my luck there. Tomorrow I'm going to play the $1500 PLO8 world series event. Not my strongest game for sure, but I think I play reasonably well and most people will probably have even less an idea what they're doing than me since as far as I know this game is basically never spread live, at least not in North America. It should be a fun tournament though and a nice break from holdem. There aren't any NLHE world series events until the $5K 6-max event on Thursday, which is going to be soooooo awesome like every 6-max event but even bigger and awesomer.


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