Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No luck today either

I busted the$2500 NL early, and struggled along in the Stud 8 for quite a while but busted before the end of the day :-(. Tomorrow is a $1500 NL Shootout, presumably it will be capped at 1000 players and you'll have to win 3 single tables of 10 players each. I was going to skip this event and play the $2500 Bellagio Cup event, but talking to some people on break today they made some really good points as to why I really should be playing this tournament and it's probably even more +EV than a normal tournament, so if I can get down there early enough and get a seat I will. Otherwise Belalgio Cup I guess. Steve is gone for a few days now also.


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Anonymous said...

we wish you gl man.