Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You get 4 cards, but you can only use 2

I'm on to Day 2 of the $1500 buy-in PLO8 event. Basically I luckboxed a lot and played fairly well I think to end the day with 27.6K chips. Average is just under 20K so I'm in good shape. 98 players made day 2 and I believe 63 get paid. I'm not a PLO8 expert but here's one hand I found somewhat interesting, though in retrospect after thinking about it more it was an easy decision.

300/600 blinds I have like 20K and limp A237 nut diamonds in EP, one other limper on the button and only the BB comes along in the SB. The flop comes 367 all spades. BB checks, I check, and then the button bets pot. Folds to me and he has a bit over a pot sized raise left in his stack. After some though I realize I have to checkraise the pot since I usually have the best hand with my nut low and 4 outs to a fullhouse, and he's going to have to fold a lot of non-nut flushes to my raise (unless he has a decent low to go with it calling would be terrible, and even if he does call I'm basically freerolling him for the scoop). It's easy to get drawn in by the fact that he almost certainly has a flush and I only have 4 outs to beat him for the high, and thus play the hand passively since my low could get counterfeited or something, when it's clearly a perfect spot to put the pressure back on him with the big bet. If I didn't have some kind of high potential it'd be trickier since I now have to be a lot more concerned about getting quartered/counterfeited, but having 2 pair here makes this really easy. In the actual hand he folded.

Hopefully my luck continues tomorrow I really want a final table!



Anonymous said...

Final table. Let us gogogogo.

G Luck today


Anonymous said...

Looks like the HiLo splits are still rigged in your favour. If it's anything like Stud8 you'll have some nice jewelery soon :)


Anonymous said...

GL Watts, hope to read later about the final table.

With the big scores, do you still have to buy Pinhead beer? I'm sure he'll sign for the Fed/Ex.


Dave Churchill said...
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