Thursday, June 21, 2007

$1500 NL Report

I didn't get much going today, I probably played one hand bad and then recovered by winning a flip and then chipped up a bit before losing a flip.

Hand 1: I have like 3500 to start the hand, two dudes limp at 25/50, I make it 250 with ATo in the CO and both limpers call. Flop A63 2 diamonds and first limper bets 300. Live players putting money in the pot scares the hell out of me but I have top pair and stuff so I call. The turn is an offsuit J, he bets 600 with like 800 behind so I just go ahead and put him all-in and lose to AQ. The ol limp/call with AQ, gets me every time. Meh, maybe I should have found a fold cuz live players are so predictable/bad but I dunno, down to 1500ish.

Hand 2: QQ wins vs AKs AIPF at 50/100 back to 2800ish chips.

I make a few nice resteals and the occasional straight steals of the blinds to get to 4500, and then have 4K on my bustout hand:

Hand 3: It folds to the button who open limps at 100/200 a25, I make it 800 with A7o and the limper calls. Maybe I should have raised more to just win it preflop or something but I don't like that because I'd never do it with a real big hand. Flop 932 2 spades, I bet 1200, he instashoves and I think for a bit and decide I have to call off my last 1800 since there's a very good chance he has a flush draw (especially given how fast he moved in, I may suck at picking up tells, but timing tells live are the same as online and I've found them to be fairly reliable online) and I'm getting big pot odds. He turns over 86ss and turns a 6 for the win.

Tomorrow is a $2K pot limit holdem event which shouldn't have such a ridiculously enormous field like the small buy-in no-limit events. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do tonight, probably just relax and go to sleep a bit earlier than I have been, I was tired today.


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