Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My first WSOP cash

Hey all, I made the money in the $1k + rebuys tournament today. It was an up and down day and I didn't play all that well, (pressed the call button too much as usual) but I managed to battle through to the money and Day 2 tomorrow. I begin the day with 34,400 chips, average stack is like 65K or something and blinds 1k/2K with a 300 ante, so it could be a short day if I don't get an early double up. I think I'm guaranteed like $5K or something now, for a tidy $1k in profit. On to the hands, we started with 2K in chips and I immediately took a rebuy for another 2K in chips:

Rebuy period: I steal a bunch of small pots and move allin with big hands and get called by worse hands. Lose a smallish pot at the end to drop to 7500, double add-on to 11.5K. In for $4K.

Hand 2: I"ve won some small pots to get up to $15K. I raise AJo in EP to 700 at 100/200 a25. Fish calls in MP and Paul Wasicka calls in one of the blinds. Flop J86 two spades, I bet 1800 and both call. Turn 4d. Fish can have a lot of stuff, usually some sort of draw, and Wasicka basically always has a draw too, so I fire 6K and take it down. I considered trying to go for a cheackraise on the fish but it's too risky and he's often checking behind drawing hands anyways.

Hand 3: Folds to CO at 150/300 a25 ,who's a weak player and open limps. I limp JTo on the button and blinds come along also. Flop T54 checks to me and I bet 900. Amnon Filippi calls in the SB and the others fold. The turn is a 6 and I check behind. River is a K and he fires 3500. I fold pretty quickly and he later says he had 23.

Hand 4: First disaster river call. Last hand before the break Martine23 raises in EP to 1200 at 200/400 a25. I have AsQd on the button and like 20K which he covers. I consider reraising since he can be raising wider than usual since people want to just fold and go on break, but decide to call instead. The BB calls also. Flop T9x 2 spades checks around. Turn Qs, Martine bets 2300, I call, and the BB folds. River is the Td and he fires 6K. I'm pretty sure this is basically never a bluff, but his action doesn't make sense. The only hand he can really have is KJ but I would expect him to bet bigger on the turn. There's basically no way he can ever have a flush since he would usually also have at least a gutshot on the flop with it and he doesn't check that big a draw. I deliberate for a while and finally call and he shows KcJs as expected to take the pot and drop me down to 10K.

Hand 5: I go on a little rush after the break and get some chips back, I recall 3 hands but can't remember the exact order they happened. I raise 88 to 1800 at 300/600 a75 in EP and only the BB calls. Flop QQJ goes chk/chk. Turn J, chk/chk. River K he checks, I bet 2500 and he folds. Whew.

Hand 6: I raise UTG with AA and get called by Amnon on my left and the BB from the last hand now on the button. Flop Axx I checks around. Turn blank check around, river A I bet 3600 and the button calls with some bad pocket pair that should never call there since I have like JJ at worst.

Hand 7: I raise AQss UTG to 1800 and get called by two young guys in MP. Flop comes KTx 2 spades and I decide to go for a checkraise all-in. In retropsect the frist caller didn't have that many chips so I probably should have just led big. Anyways it checks to the second caller who bets 3K, I make it 12K and both fold quickly. After all these hands I was up to like 34K or something at my peak.

Hand 8: Eep this hand is pretty embarassing. Raise to 3600 at 6/12 blinds with 99 in EP. Asian guy calls in MP, he seems loose/aggressive and just lost a big pot on the last hand. The BB calls also. Flop KQ4 checks around. Turn 3 putting a heart draw out there also checks around. River J checks to the asian guy who bets 8k. BB folds and I tank thinking he could easily have air here. I really didn't think he had a K or Q since I'd expect him to bet the turn, I don't know if he'd bet just a jack there, prboably not, so unless he has a bizarre slowplay or AT it seems reasonable I could have the best hand. There could also be a steam factor from the last hand I guess too. I go for the hero call and lose to QJo. Oops.

Random shortstakced hands: Jam a few times with marginal hands to pick up the blinds and antes, shove over a raise with JJ, and then UTG raise A3o and steal the blinds/antes since the table ahd been playing super tight. Moved to new table where I thankfully no longer recognize everyone.

Hand 9: The tournament directors announce hand for hand as we're on the bubble. I have like 28-29K at 1k/2k a300 and open shove 33 in the CO. Thankfully they all fold, the bubble bursts, and I get my first WSOP cash. My new table seems to have some lunatics so if I pick up some hands and they hold I should be able to get back in contention.



Anonymous said...

Congrats Watts. Hope luck shines on you this afternoon and you get deep.


Anonymous said...

Why do you shove with only ace high over that 3k flop bet. What do you beat? If you are called, they will always have a pair or better and you'll be out unless you can get lucky.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the Trip Reports! Best of luck today in the re-buy.

Go Watts!!!


Mike said...

I have a flush draw and gutshot in the AQ hand.

Neil said...

You have a WSOP player profile:

Keep up with the reports. Good luck.