Saturday, June 16, 2007

In the money, on to day 2

I made my 2nd cash of the WSOP today in the $2K NL event. 1600ish runners started the day, and around 140 are left playing tomorrow, 153 cashed. I have 41.1K chips which puts me just slightly below average. The blinds are at 1k/2k a300 so I only have about 20xBB though. Here's some hands I can remember:

Hand 1: I had like 5K after winning a little with a set, a really really bad player thinks about raising then limps with 1200 or so behind, the SB completes, I find ATo in the BB. I figure I probably still have the weak limper beat even though he thought of raising and I'm also really sure he's never folding to a raise, so I just pop it up 500, he shoves I call and lose to 99. Bigger hand than I thought he had but oh well.

Hand 2: I have like 2400 now, a weak player limps in EP, I make it 400 with AQo in MP, and only the limper calls. Flop AJx, he check/calls 500. Turn blank I bet my last 1500 and he thinks for a bit and then calls with KJo. Well played sir, back to 5K.

Hand 3: I can't remember how it happened, I'm pretty sure I won a bunch of standard small to medium sized pots picking up hands or just raising then continuation betting. I got up to like 17K at one point.

Hand 4: The hand before this a new player got moved to the table in the BB. I raised his blind with AQo from the CO and all folded. The next hand I have AQhh in the HJ and raise again to 1200 at 2/4 a50. He makes it 3200 in the SB and he covers my 16K or whatever I had to start the hand. I kind of don't believe him and he looks the kind of guy that doesn't necessarily need a monster to reraise here but I decide that a push is too big a bet given I don't actually know anything about him and decide to call and take a flop in position. The flop comes K42 no hearts and be bets 4500, I fold.

Hand 5: I fold like a million hands in a row then open AA and get it in against KK to double to 19K.

Hand 6: Button raises to 2100 at 3/6 a75, I decide with my image it's a great spot to resteal and shove him in for his 12K stack with QJo. He instacalls with AK and I lose all the chips I just got, back to like 7K.

Hand 7: I get moved tables a few times and shortstack ninja my way up to 20K without ever seeing a flop. One hand of interest is when I jam like 10K UTG+1 with T5o at 800/1600 a200 because I guess I might as well or something and it folds to the BB who tanks and claims to fold 77. LOL. "I only had 2 overs but I wouldn't have minded the gamble, I need a double up". Also I shove like 11K on the button at the same level and the blinds fold. They say come on you've been moving in a lot show us one. I oblige and turn over the As. And then the Ad. Ship table image points.

Hand 8: Now I have 19.5K and a guy from my original table has been moved 2 to my right with a ton of chips. He was very aggressive at the old table and he saw me spew off a lot of chips in the QJo resteal hand, so he knows I can make a few moves. We are like 5 from the money and he opens in the CO to 4500 at 800/1600 a200. I find KK in the SB. I'm not normally one to Hollywood much because I usually think it's pretty transparent, but in this case i laid it on pretty thick. I really wanted him to think I had a marginal hand that I wantd to resteal with but wasn't sure if I should being so close to the money and all. Finally I moved it in and he thought for a bit before calling with Q8s getting just under 2:1. I held and all of a sudden had over 40K

I then raised a couple times on the bubble to get to 50K before blinding down to 41.1k to end the day. Average stack is about 50K so I'm in decent shape.

I also played the $1500 PLO on Thursday. I luckboxed up to like 15K before bricking a 12 outer twice all-in on the flop against 2 pair to drop to 7K, and then my ragged aces lost to 7789 all-in preflop to bust. I was happy with how I played though and didn't really feel at a disadvantage despite not playing a lot of PLO. OK we start up at 3pm PST tomorrow and play down to the final table. With 140 left there's still an awful long way to go though.



Anonymous said...

Great reports Watts. Look forward to the final table post.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great playing Mike I love reading the blogs keep it up.


Mark said...

Go Mike!

Tough luck on the PLOM though.. it's a cruel game

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mike from the boys at the Elks Club...your the talk of the table for weeks now.