Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A long day for a change

Woohoo I made another cash and another day 2. I ran pretty awesome today overall which was nice for a change. Playing 6-handed makes these live tournaments so much more fun than the full 10-handed tournaments which can get pretty boring at times during the long days when you're not picking up any hands. Anyways I was planning not to write a long report but I just started remembering some hands so it might get long.

Hand 1: Alex Brenes limps in the CO at 50/100, I make it 400 in the SB with AQo and like 3100 more behind and he calls. Flop QJ9, I bet 600 he moves in really fast and between the combination of me having bullied him in some previous pot so he wouldn't want to get pushed around anymore and the speed of his move all-in I was pretty sure he had a pair/draw combo hand so I called pretty quickly and faded lots of outs against his QT.

Hand 2: 100/200 I make it 600 on the button with ATo. SB who is a friends of 2+2er aejones and wearing a fairly gay "ship ship mcgipp" shirt calls in the SB with 3500 more or so behind. Flop AQ8 2 hearts, he checks, I bet 800, he checkraises me and I'm pretty sure he reraises almost everything that beats me preflop so he likely has hearts or JT for the double gutter so I put him in and beat his JT.

Hand 3: Guy on my right makes it 550 at 100/200 a25, I call in position with 66 and then high stakes cash player whitelime moves all-in in the SB for 3100 more. Orignial raiser folds and I decide I'm getting too good a price so I call and he happens to have 55 which is pretty sweet.

Hand 4: Johnny Chan is on my left now at a new table and limps UTG at 200/400 a50. He's been limping a lot and he just won a big pot with AJ vs AQ aipf to get like 12K in chips or so. He said he kinda of still doens't want to be there because he's supposed to meet his wife for dinner or something. Another guy limps, the SB completes, and I raise 1600 more with AQo in the BB. Chan calls and we see a flop of A62 two diamonds. I bet 3500, he jams and I call and fade his AJdd to get to 40K and bust a world champion. At this point someone came and asked me about the hand and for a chip count so maybe I get mentioned in online coverage somewhere I dunno.

I can't really remember much else interesting. I got as high as 80K at one point before chipping down to 65K to end the day. There are 42 players left and average stack is like a bit over 100K, but blinds are only going up to 1500/3000 a400 so there's a little play left for a change. The final table of this tournament will be televised on ESPN so here's hoping I keep running good tomorrow and get there.



Neil said...

Congratulations. Good luck tomorrow/today. Keep up the posting.

Also, I found the following:

From the www.worldseriesofpoker.com tourney updates:

Mon, 18 Jun 2007 18:13:51
The Orient Express Eliminated
The A-x-x, two diamond flop looked pretty good to Johnny Chan who held AdJd. He got his money all-in on the flop against Michael Watson, who held A-Q offsuit. The turn and river brought two blanks and Chan was eliminated from the tournament. Watson now has 40,000 chips.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Good Luck, I hope you keep getting your money in good and not getting sucked out on.


P.S. "You put a fucking move on Chan, you son of a bitch."

Ashley said...

Dude, you desperately need a nickname now! Get to that ft!

Anonymous said...

gl dude.