Saturday, June 09, 2007

Event 13: $5k PL Holdem

Bah, I played another 12 hours today for nothing. I played with lots of pros and stuff so I guess that's cool or something. Basically I was exceptionally card dead most of the day and then when things finally started to turn around I lost all my chips in 5 minutes. Let me see what I can remember.

Mike Matusow is 3 to my right to start the day. He basically just talks about how he doesn't want to be here because Harrah's is robbing us blind (basically true), and how he's finally winning online lately. He rants about how Gus Hansen is the worst O8 player in the history of the world and he wants to bust out so he can go play against him online and take all his money and stuff. Anyways so Mike obviously doesn't want to be there and it shows in his play and he's gone pretty fast. Funny guy to have at the table though.

Eli Elezra opens for 350 on the button at 50/100 and I call with 77 in my BB. The flop comes Q97 2 hearts and I check. I think I should probably lead here but either way can't be bad. He checks behind. Turn 9 I bet 600 and he calls. River is a low heart and I decide to go for a big sexy river checkraise, but he checks behind. Sigh.

Hand ?. I can't remember what order things happened in but anyways here's some interesting ones. I've basically never played a hand ever because I'm so awfully card dead. Anyways some guy limps, I make it 800 at 100/200 on the button with JJ and 7500 to start the hand and he calls. Flop J8x all clubs and for some reason he checkraises me all-in with 7c7 and loses despite turning a set.

Again I"ve done nothing in forever and chipped down a bit. Joe Tehan limps in EP still at 100/200 and I make it 800 with K2ss. He calls and the flop comes 544 2 spades. He checks and calls my 1400 chip bet. The turn is a 4 ruining my flush draw but it doesn't really matter because he has 77 or 88 here like always so I bet 3000 and he folds.

Again I fold for hours on end, eventually some new fairly aggressive guy makes it 1200 in middle position at 200/400 on my BB and I repop to 3600 forcing him to fold (I had random bad cards). Next hand Joe Tehan raises to 1000 in MP. He's clearly notices that the guy on my left in the BB hasn't put a chip in the pot in like 600 hours and I'm only slightly more involved so I just go ahead and make it 3200 with some bad hand. He calls, the flop comes 992 and he folds to my 4200 bet.

I fold for a while and then youngish aggressive guy open to 2400 from early-middle position at 400/800 on my SB (guy on my left never puts money in pot ever remember). I decide to make it 7000 with the monstrous 73cc, leaving myself 13K behind. Unfortunately he calls and the flop comes AJT. I give up and check, and he checks behind. Turn is the 8c giving a flush draw and a gutter taht might be good. I should prboably jam here and pray he folds but in my mind I was done with the hand and didn't think about things clearly and checked. He now put me all-in and I had to fold.

I now raise KQo and get called by Joe Tehan in the BB. I flop AJT and get him to double me up to 24K with A2s.

Blinds now 600/1200, it folds to Howard Lederer on the button who has been at our table for a few orbits now, and he raises to 3600. I find AA in the BB with 24K and decide to just call. Flop comes AKx which is kind of sucks even though I have a set. I check and he bets 4K. I'm pretty sure he's basically never putting another chip in the pot unless he has the case ace or some other good hand and I'd rather he not turn a gutshot on me or something foolish so I just checkraise to 10K and he folds.

I now get moved to a new table, I hav like 30K in chips. I finally start getting some hands now, I reraise a guy with KK, and then open KK in the cutoff seat to 4500 at 800/1600. The BB calls with like 9000 left or something ridiculous and the flop comes Axx. I check behind and the turn is a Q. We both check again and the river is a J. He min-bets 1600 and I call and beat TT. How he doesn't get all-in preflop baffles me, people are pretty bad at poker.

I win a few more pots and ahve just over 40K when all goes to hell and Kathy Liebert of all frigging people takes all my chips. She opens to 4500 in MP with like 25K total at 800/1600 still. I have TT in the BB and reraise pot, she reraises the rest in and I lose to AA. Sigh. Now I have 14K, it folds to me in the CO and i have Ks8d. Maybe I should fold here since even with 9xBB I don't need to be taht desperate but live players love folding etc so I pot it to 5600. Liebert calls in the BB, the flop comes Qs6s5s and she puts me allin. I call and lose the coinflip to Ac7s. Tomorrow is 1500 NL tournament, hopefully I bust early or get a big stack for once. Oh yeah somehow Steve didn't make the money in this one either busting just after me, he's down to 3 for 4 in cashes now.


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Anonymous said...

"all goes to hell and Kathy Liebert of all frigging people takes all my chips" --- Sorry to hear this but you made me LOL at this comment...Keep n grinding!