Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Short up and down day

I got up as high as 125K or so at one point today but lost a big coinflip for most of my chips and then another hand allin preflop where I was well ahead. I finished 34th for $7500ish.

Hand 1: I raise to 8500 on the button at 1500/3000 a400 with KJo and Joe Tehan defends his BB. Flop ATx, he leads 10K and iwant to shove on him but stack sizes are kind of awkward for it so I decide to just fold.

Hand 2: I raise AA UTG 5-handed and the guy on my left reraises to 20K or sometihng. I move in for 30ish more and he has to call and his A4o is no good. Finally I knew if I just kept playing solid one of these guys would give me chips.

Hand 3: Joe Tehan raises to 7800 or something UTG and Alan Sass (TheUsher) calls on the button. I raise 20K more with AJo from the SB and both fold. This way my high point of 125Kish.

Hand 4: I raise A7o in the CO, the loose aggressive BB calls. Flop K9x 2 clubs he calls my 10K continuation bet. Turn 9 chk/chk, river 9 he bets 14K I make a bad river call. I think the call would normally be fine but he had just been caught floating the flop against Tehan so it was unlikely he was doing it again here. Oops.

Hand 5: Alan raises to 8500 in the CO, I make it 27.5K in the SB with AK, and the BB (A4 guy) thinks for a bit and shoves 60.8K total. I quickly call and lose to TT.

Hand 6: We're at 2k/4k a500 and I have about 36K to start the handin the BB. Folds to the SB who is a seemingly aggressive asian guy who puts me all-in. I think for a bit and figure he probably knows he should be moving in with a huge range there so I call with K9s, and his 64o is good.

On the plus side I busted out early enough to play the Stars $1K Super Tuesday again so I'm going to try to defend my win from last week now. I'm not sure what my next live event will be there's not much good coming up for a few days iirc.


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Neil said...

Mike, if you want me to stop posting stuff, just let me know.

In case you didn't know: Michael Watson Likes Pocket Aces. Michael Watson doubles up with AA against Rep Porter's A4. He doubled up to 88.5K. Watson won another pot two hands later and increased his stack to 128K.