Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Online Grind

After LA we headed back to Vegas to grind FTOPS and such at Casa de Chewy. With one exception it's been all work here as the team has been putting in some serious hours on the tournament and cash grind. I hit a couple good scores in FTOPS, winning the $200 Stud Hi/Lo event for $27k and getting 5th in the 9-game multi-entry for $24.5k. Cash has gone up and down with some pretty big swings but overall it's been a successful couple weeks. I feel like my game has improved a lot in both tournament NL Holdem and mixed games over the last year despite not having a whole lot in the way of results to show for it. It definitely helps the learning process when your roommates are the best Rush player in the world (Dan likes to claim he's top 5 in the world at almost everything but in this case he's not exaggerating), and a couple guys who battle almost anyone at high stakes heads-up NL. Even Tony doesn't bring the team down that much.

Tomorrow is Dan's birthday so we're going to celebrate in Vegas before heading to LA on Thursday for the LAPC WPT event. After that I'm finally heading home! Between March Madness and SCOOP coming up I should be able to keep myself busy (depending if sitting on a couch watching basketball for 12 hours counts as a legitimate activity to you). Then I'm likely going to do the Irish Open, San Remo, Madrid tour of Euro-tourneys at the end of April.

Still no update on the results of our meetings in LA for those I've talked to about that, but we remain cautiously optimistic.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Australia 2011!

Another Aussie Millions has come and gone. As always I've had a great time in Melbourne, though poker was significantly less successful than last year. I did cash 4 of the 11 events I played, but they were all min cashes. The only biggish one was 5th in the $10k 8-game for $20k. I also lost a bunch online playing cash, so good times on the poker front.

Outside of that I had a lot of fun here catching up with friends, meeting new people, partying, golfing etc.... Unfortunately(?) plans have changed and I'm leaving Australia two weeks early and going to LA tomorrow with Tony and Dan. Not really sure what the plan is between that and the good events in LAPC, but these things have a way of working themselves out somehow. Hopefully missing out on two weeks in Australia ends up being worth it! I'll update further details when I have a better idea what's going on.