Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yo, so not much to update poker-wise. I've been putting in a lot of mixed game hands and that's been going alright. I still seem to kinda blow at a bunch of the games but I'm learning and my results have been fine. I went on a quick $150k heater than lost most of it back, but I had a good session the other night to get a bit of that back. Hopefully if I get in enough hands I can eventually have some semi-meaningful information about my play in all the different games and use that to try to plug leaks. I've played a few small tourney sessions as well but those are stupid so I usually lose.

So SCOOP isn't until May 7th for some reason which overlaps nicely with the EPT Grand Final. Good work PokerStars. I heard some other bad stuff about the venue so whatever, Eurotrip is off the schedule yet again. I'm planning to grind SCOOP like crazy though. In the mean time there's not a lot in the way of super legit tourneys. Some GSOP and miniFTOPS stuff this weekend is pretty cool so I'll likely play Sunday in front of the TV while grinding March Madness obviously. Other than that I guess I'll try not to go broke grinding mixed games. Just kidding, backing Tony will be what breaks me.