Sunday, November 28, 2010

Best... Trip... Ever! Part 1

This series of blog entries is really not going to do it justice unfortunately. I'm actually a very open person when it comes to telling stories and opinions on personal matters. My good friends will undoubtedly hear all the details about our various (mis)adventures, and I'm sure I will be entertaining even more casual acquaintances with some of the stories of this trip for years. That being said, there has to be a line somewhere and unfortunately writing the details of my personal life on the internet for the whole world to see is on the other side of it. Luckily for you, Tony has less issues about these sorts of things, though there are a few stories from the trip that even he's not willing to write about. That's how real shit got.

The story begins with Tony, "Truck" Dan, and myself flying Vegas-->Honolulu. This was supposed to be nice relaxing start to the trip. We'd chill on the beach, drink a few girly drinks with little parasols in them, and of course still party a little, but our expectation was that the parties wouldn't be too crazy. Dan even questioned the wisdom of missing out on Halloween in Vegas. These concerns were short-lived.

Halloween in Honolulu is big fucking deal. This year, Halloween was on a Sunday, so as expected there was a huge party Saturday night. There was also a huge party on Sunday though in the area directly around our hotel. Unfortunately, unaware of this fact, Tony had booked our flight for 1:30am Sunday night. So Saturday we decided to go big, and in this regard I think it is safe to say we succeeded. It is also safe to say I succeeded a little too much, but let's backtrack a little. The first step is to decide out costumes.

Obviously, we decided to dress up as Jersey Shore style guidos. I can't imagine I need to explain why this is obvious so let's keep this moving. We bought Ed Hardy T-shirts, ridiculous sun glasses, and even some spray-on tan stuff. Unfortunately, we were stuck with our own muscles, as even Tony does not have a true situation going on. This isn't all bad though as at least it's fairly obvious we are being ironic. The key to pulling this costume off, in my opinion, is to really get into character. You must be loud and obnoxious and not give a fuck, though in such a way as to be hilarious but not really rude (so not quite fully in character). To me, the obvious way to accomplish this is to get wasted. This seems an appropriate time for pictures.

At 11:55am I made a bold decision and grabbed a Blue Moon from our fridge. After lunch we spent a bunch of hours at the hotel pool getting some sun and drinking aforementioned girly drinks with parasols. By dinner I was already very "in character". The big party that night was in Chinatown. The streets were all blocked off and you could drink and party in the streets as well as a bunch of bars in that area. I don't remember much after the first couple vodka redbulls so I'm going to put some things that happened in point form:

1. Whenever talking about a girls' costume add slutty before: Oh what a cute slutty cat! It is standard knowledge that girls halloween costumes are intentionally revealing so if you say this with the right tone it should not get a bad reaction.

2. Asking girls if they are DTF. This one you have to be more careful with but if you are doing a good job being in character it should go over fine.

3. Tony pulling his shirt up and asking girls if they know about the situation. Even with Tony's build apparently this just does not actually work.

4. Somehow I got a girls' number and was so wasted I accidentally texted it to her trying to make sure I had it in my phone properly.

5. Dan took me home before midnight. It really was a great party, so sorry about that brah.

In part two I will write about China. Hawaii really was "just a practice"!