Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cash game day, food/drink report

I played some live cash games at the Bellagio today. We decided we'd see how many people were playing the $5K tournament there, but unless they got a bigger field than they had been we'd just play cash. The tournament got like 50 players so I ended up playing 10/20 NL. The buy-in is uncapped in these games so I bought in for $5K. I ended up running pretty ok:

Hand 1: I raise to 80 with JTss in EP and get called in 2 spots. Flop is three low spades, I bet 200 and get raised to 480. He has like 4K onthe table too so I decide to just call as I think a reraise blows him off most hands I beat. Turn is an offsuit Q or something. I think I should lead out here but I decide to check planning to checkraise all-in probably. He checks behind though and the river blanks, I bet 1000 and he folds. This is a bit of a weird situation with the money so deep, I think I have to lead the turn but against a lot of solid (nitty) live players I feel like if all the money goes in when we're this deep I'm often getting shown a bigger flush.

Hand 2: UTG raises to 80, I call with KK 2 seats behind him (with effective stacks so deep I think a reraise really turns my hand face up here and puts me in an awful situation postflop when I get called). Folds to the button who pops it 300 more with 1700 behind. UTG folds and I think for a bit and decide to call. I'd usually reraise here, but live players seem to like making huge hero folds of big pairs preflop so I think he'd dump QQ/JJ/ here a lot, whereas if the flop comes low he will likely feel pot committed to his hand once he puts in a big flop bet, though maybe I'm just giving people too much credit. The flop comes KQ8 two hearts, I check, he bets 600, I put him in and his QQ is no good, sick flop.

Hand 3: Guy on my right limps, I make it 100 with KJo in the CO and get called by both blinds and the limper. Flop JJ6 2 clubs. Checks to limper who bets 160, I make it 460 and he calls. Turn Kd, I bet 920 and he calls. River is a low club and he leads for 1600. I put him all-in for $1000 more or so and he calls showing JTo. Wow.... nice river play sir.

I finished up $8700, and we went to the asian place Noodles in Bellagio for a very tasty dinner. I should maybe talk more about places I've eaten. Last night I went for sushi with gobboboy and mlagoo at Hikari steakhouse/sushi bar which is actually fairly close to our condo. It was pretty good, they had some really nice special rolls. I haven't been able to eat at a lot of really nice places since I usually have to eat fairly quickly in the Rio during dinner break from the tournament. The other place I can definitely recommend is the Indian place in the Rio, Gaylord's. I've tried 3 or 4 different dishes there and they were all excellent. In terms of beers I've tried a few I like. I really enjoy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale which I tried last summer.

Another new beer I've tried that I like is the Pyramid Hefe Weizen:
I may be a bit biased on this one because I really enjoy most wheat beers though. That's about all I can think of for now, back to the tournament grind tomorrow with a $1500 NL WSOP event. Oh yeah Aaron chopped the $1K Stars Super Tuesday last night for $40K. Our condo is clearly rigged to own that tournament.

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I don't mean any offense but do you ever post hands where you lose or get sucked out on? Most of the hands posted are of you's getting boring!