Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quick $1500 NL Shootout Report

I'm glad I played this thing, most of my table was absolutely terrible. That being said I obviously didn't even make the first break.

Hand 1: 3 limpers at 25/50, I make it 250 with JJ. I wasn't sure whether to go 250 or 300, I guess I should have made it 300 because they all called. Flop KTx checks to me and I check behind. Turn A and I have to release to a bet.

Hand 2: Aggressive guy on my right makes it 225 on the button. I want to reraise with AQo in the SB but his big raise is kind of scary and with 2400 or so in my stack it's super awkward so I just call. BB calls and I ahve to check/fold a K95. The main point of this hand is taht every time I have a playable hand the guy on my right made some enormous raise. In other news the lady two seats to my left who is awful has busted 2 players already, one where she obviously had a flush and somehow an even bigger clown paid her off.

Hand 3: Folds to aggro guy on my right, he makes it 350 at 25/50 still. I have AJo on the button and consider tilt pushing but eventually I just muck and he shows KK. Expert 7xBB raise sir, can't risk getting those cracked.

Hand 4: Now we're down to 7 at 50/100, tightish guy opens in MP to 300, bad aggro guy calls on my right. I had 2350 and KQs on the button and decide that sice I've basically never put a chip in the pot a squeeze should get a lot of respect, and I jam. The awful lady in the BB insta-calls and I figure I'm going home but she says "this is kind of a loose call" and shows JJ. Board comes T98QJ and I spike a nice 2-outer to double to 5K.

Hand 5: I open KK UTG 6-handed to 300 and awful lady calls in position. Flop T9x, I bet 500, she instashoves 2650 more, I instacall, and get rivered by A9.

Hand 6: I chipped up to 1650 and shove AK over tightish guy's EP raise. He calls with KK and IGHN.

Online donkaments this evening including the new Stars $1k, and then $5K NL tomorrow. That'd be a good time to run good.



Anonymous said...

wow the doooooooonkeys are multiplying themselves on this planet.
Its shocking to read those awful plays.
Keep it up though.One day you will get paid off big

Dave said...

Stop losing to bad players :(

Anonymous said...

guarunteed 31k.. not a bad time to run good indeed.

Anonymous said...

sick game in the 1k
always enjoyed watching u online