Friday, June 22, 2007

Early bustout again

I'm going to skip right to the end I think.

Hand 1: 2 fish limp at 75/150, I limp the button with J9ss, and the blinds come along. I have like 5500 to start the hand. Flop 995 rainbow, checks to 2nd fish who bets 500, I decide to slowplay for once and call, and first fish calls. Suspicious overcall, but I'm not too worried yet. Turn 6, they check to me and I bet 1200, fish #1 calls (now I'm pretty scared), fish #2 thinks for a bit and folds. River 4, fish leads for 3K of my 3600 chips and I guess he can at least have T9,98, or 97 here enough that I have to call, but he shows the 87o and takes the pot. lol.

Going out for dinner with some friends in a bit which will hopefully lead into drinks and stuff later on. I'm playing the $1500 NL tomorrow, and assuming I don't make day 2 I'll be playing online tournaments Sunday.


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