Monday, June 18, 2007

Another short day

I busted the $3K NL tournament before the first break. I didn't do a whole lot and was at 5300 when I raised red queens in MP to 300 at 50/100. All 5 players behind me called and the flop came 752 two dimaonds. The blinds checked and I decided to check and probably checkraise all-in unless people started going crazy before it got back to me. If I bet they're prboably going to put me on exactly what I have and on a draw heavy board I would probably have to call a raise all-in. At least this way the 2 bad players on my left get a chance to put money in with a worse hand. Of course it's pretty bad if it happens to check around but it seemed worth the risk to add some deception to my hand. It checked to James Mackey aka who won the $5K NL event for like $750K or something on the button and he bet 1200. Folds back to me I jam 5K and mig has to call with 96dd and gets there.

I went home and played some of the later online tournaments, and had a 4th in the Absolute Poker $150 tourney for $4800. People on Absolute are so bad at poker it reminds me of the old days on Paradise pre-US ban. Tomorrow is the $2500 NL 6-max event at the Rio and I am pumped for it. Like I said before the last 6-max event this is my favourite format as almost all the cash games I play online are 6-max tables. Hopefully things go well and I make day 2 so I don't have to blow $5K on the heads-up event on Tuesday.


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