Monday, July 02, 2007

Vegas Weekend Report

So it was a relatively uneventful and unsuccessful weekend. I played the $2K on Friday and made a really bad 4-bet shove with AK into AA to bust before the frist break. On Saturday I played the $1500 NL (with a record 3100+ players) and lasted until just before the dinner break. So today I stayed home and played online and lost a bunch of money at cash and tournaments. It's crazy to think about, but I've been in Vegas for a month now, and it still kind of feels like I just got here. The Main Event starts this Friday, which means this trip is getting close to an end, and also that I will be a multimillionaire in a couple weeks time!

Anyways tomorrow is a $1k + rebuys event which I'm pretty excited for. Tuesday is either day 2 or in the unfortunate event that I'm out I'll probably play the $1500 limit holdem shootout. No idea what I"m going to do after that though. I haven't registered for the main event yet so I don't know my start day, but everyone will be in town for the main event so there'll prbobably be more partying and sociailizing coming up. The Bellagio events will prboably start to draw some big fields now too so if I can find enough cash to buy-in to those that's a definite possibility. With only a few tournaments left it's time to refocus and make sure I bring my A game for the rest of the trip.


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