Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Good News

I ended up making a bunch o money tonight and I'm not tilty anymore. I finished 4th in the 100r on Stars for $8K when I lost a huge pot when I was already the chipleader with KK vs AQ aipf. I also made a couple grand shortstacking and a few thousand more playing cash on Cake and Absolute. Since I can't play Party down here I've started playing more on other smaller sites because the games on Stars and Full Tilt are really tough for the most part. Tomorrow I am playing the $5K tournament at Bellagio. Unless I final table this tournament I will not be playing live on Thursday at all most likely since I'm registered for Day 1A of the main event on Friday. This leaves me free to watch what should hopefully be one of the best UFC cards ever on Saturday and play online tourneys on Sunday. If I dont make day 2 of the main event I'll play the $10K Bellagio Cup WPT event starting Monday. I guess I have to book a flight home for some time after that. So that's the schedule for the rest of the trip. If I can show up on time from here on out who knows how much money I might win.


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Anonymous said...

up some money from last night or not, the previous posts suggest that getting a hooker to ease some stress/Tilt is infact +EV at this point.

Kick some ass Watts!!!!