Monday, July 30, 2007

Poor Weekend

I think I lost like $30K this weekend or something like that. I stopped running like god on Cake and dropped a few buy-ins there and I repeatedly took awful beats in tournaments. Oh well can't stay hot forever. I have to specifically mention the EPT Barcelona satellite bubbled though because it was probably one of the worst beats of my career. I wasn't planning to play Barcelona unless we won the World Cup trip but I figured I basically had to play the $1000 satellite because my record in major satellites on Stars is so ridiculous. So as usual I run good and have what should basically be a fold-in stack with 11 left, 10 getting seats. Then things went awry. First, the shortstack is all-in with 77 vs TT. OK good game Spain here I come, oh hello 7 on the river. No worries the other guy now has like 5xBB he'll be busto soon. He moves all-in with 88 and gets called by 3 people. Board AJTQ..... K. OK that's ridiculous but whatever, no worries he just got his money back he'll be out soon still. On his next BB the small blinds pushes 76 and he calls with A6. Flop 7xx, Finally! Turn blank, river.... A. OK I'm kinda getting a little nervous but I'm still in good shape. Next orbit he gets AA vs QQ to double up to lots of chips. Hmmm it seems I'm the shorstack now. Well I guess I'll move in with 55 because it's the best chance I'll ever get to pick up some chips while I have still have a stack with fold equity. Oh you have QQ. I see.

So what to do now, suicide seemed like a good option which timex supported (he is a good friend). I went with the more standard approach of blowing through a dozen or so rebuys in the $100 rebuy trying to build a monster stack, which seemed to help. Anyways that's about all I've got, Sunday was more of the same getting 2 outered in some tournaments and then tilting off stacks in the others. In cash games I kept getting sets beat in huge pots so that's always costly. Though I didn't get to showdown I suppose I could have been bluffed but I think my play was correct. Oh well World Cup and stuff next weekend to look forward to. I'll also get my first rakeback payment from Cake on Wednesday I'm excited to see how much that is, reminds of the good ol Party rakeback days (except I'm winning before rakeback now). OK enough rambling I'm out.



Dave Churchill said...

I was wondering how that went but my plane was leaving around the time of that board straight. Sorry to hear it man, i think coming on msn and saying "Looks like im going to EPT" was your downfall :(

Mike said...

Ya definitely jinxed it, lee jones must have seen our convo and flipped the doomswitch