Thursday, July 05, 2007

I should have showed up late

Played the Bellagio $5k yesterday. I didn't win a single pot during the first 2 hours so I prboably should have stayed in bed. Anyways there ended up being 90 players so a really nice field size. My first table was really tough, Jennifer Tilly and one other guy seemed like the only soft spots, and neither of them was really terrible. I managed to get back up near starting chips (10K) when I took a decent pot off David Pham when I flopped top pair in a blind battle. Then I got moved to a new table where people were awful. My first big pot was when I raised A8cc in the CO to 1200 at 200/400 a25 and the SB, who already had over 60K and already proved himself to be awful called. The flop came 446 and I checked behind him, certainly not planning to give up on the hand though. The turn was an 8, and he bet 2200. I had around 4500 left and was pretty sure he was bluffing the river too so I just called. River 7 and despite the 4-straight on board I basically instacalled his 4200 chip bet and he said "I have nothing", so I tabled the winner. From here on basically nothing good happened, I tried to 3-bet a raise with nothing once for 1/3 my stack and got instashoved on to drop back, then I pushbotted a bit. My bustout hand I pushed J9o into QQ on what was likely a bad push since they were clearly gettng sick of me moving in so much. But I mean one guy folded 99 face up in the BB to one of my pushes so I don't see how it can be that bad. Anyways when he instantly moved all-in over my final shove with J9 I had a feeling I wasn't drawing as live as I might like.
Steve made the final table 3rd in chips though so I'm probably going to go chill out at the Bellagio and sweat him today (I has 5%!) and then get rested up for the main event tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Win the ME. That is all.


Interwebber said...

Good Luck from St. John's.... You got alot of us here rootin for you.... congrats on the success lately and tough luck in the $100+R....I saw the KK vs AQ....BARF