Monday, July 23, 2007

Newfies on to Round 2

In addition to the usual Sunday tournaments I also played the first round of the World Cup today. Each of our 4 team members played a 4-player tournament against players from Quebec, New Brunswick, and PEI, and points were awarded based on which place you finish in each tournament. After a bad start I was able to finally start making some hands to come back and take control of my heat. I laid one bad beat on the only other decent player to help seal the win. One of our freeroll qualifiers seemed to steamroll his heat for a 2nd win, and tilterino finished 2nd in his to seal first place overall. We play again in 2 weeks, this time it will be four 5-man tournaments using the same scoring system and if we win that round we get the free trip to Spain for the live finals, so hopefully we luckbox that.

The rest of the Sunday tournaments were a disaster and I didn't cash a single one. I played a lot of cash also though. I was stuck almost $20K at one point today but then the 25/50 games on Cake got going and I won 2 enormous pots against one of the regular fish in the game. I set a new personal best with over $40K on that table at one point (the maximum buy-in is $5000 but anything you win stays on the table). So overall I finished up around $10K on the day it looks like, despite losing $10K and $7K pots where I got set-over-setted and not cashing any tournaments. Also, earlier this week I got yet another 2nd place in the nightly Full Tilt $163 tourney. That was either the 3rd or 4th time I've finished runner-up in that tournament. I played BKice heads-up and he seemed to play pretty well and I really just wasn't very focused for some reason and played poorly. Oh well it was still a nice $11K score.

Finally, I have to give a belated congrats to my friend Adam Junglen for winning the Stars Million last week for $200K. His blog is linked on the side if you want to read some of his thoughts on that. The 2+2 kids are having a lot of success in the million lately. Maybe it's my turn soon?



Anonymous said...

w00t mike and gummer did actually destroy their tournies. I managed to snag atleast second and Poppyoppy is saving the fury for aug 5th. Good job today man!


player9ball said...

gl newfie's

make Brad Gushue proud