Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day 1 of $1k rebuys

I survived the day with 38.1K (average is almost 60) to make day 2. 109 players remain and 99 get paid. I'm working on thinking of some new spectacular way to bubble. I was running so insanely hot today and then cooled down later in the day when the blinds got big. I got dealt AA like 6 times in the first 4 levels, including against KK, QQ, and AA. I also had KK against JJ. I did however play one interesting hand where I made a pretty big call and was right for a change!

A tightish guy raises in MP at 100/200 to 600, and I only have black TT this time in the CO so I just call, and the BB calls also (he seems weakish). Flop Js9h7h. Checks to me and I bet 1000 (should have bet 1200ish), the BB calls and raiser folds. Turn 3s. Out of nowhere he leads for 7K into the 3800 pot with like 3K more behind. My inital reaction is that this guy is completely FOS because no one plays a real hand this, especially on a draw heavy flop like that. It looks like he picked up a spade flush draw on the turn and is making a move, and since the jack on the flop is a spade I beat all hands containing 2 spades (except 97 I guess but it's super extremely unlikely he slowplayed such a strong but vulnerable hand on that flop). Unlike other hands where I made big calls (that were almost all wrong) in the WSOP just sort of guessing/hoping, this one I really had pieced together and everything made sense, I was very confident I was right. It was a lot chips for that point in the tournament but I moved him in anyways and he called with 8s6s and my hand held.

After some more coolers I had 40K but unfortunately I went cold for a bit and dropped to 30K. Then I doubled through a guy with AK vs AJ on an A-hi flop to get over 60K before making a few bad moves preflop and not picking up any hands to end the day, which dropped me to where I am now. We'll see how things go tomorrow. The P5s Live guys had a few updates of me today and another picture that came out a bit better:


Dave Churchill said...

Donk out in style man...

Every time I see a picture of you there's another button undone lol

Anonymous said...

Where is your cigar?

Good Luck. Take'er down.


Anonymous said...

Whos that in your PS Avatar? It doesn't look like you?

Mike said...

That's me when I was younger and still occasionally went outside and got exercise and stuff. The glasses make a big difference, that's how I got my first fake ID taken away. TRUE STORY.