Saturday, July 07, 2007

Crazy Day 1

Wow I just finished Day 1 with 90K chips which should leave me comfortably above average. Things were going extremely well all day and then in the last level I actually thought I was going to bust out before the end of the day it was so sick.

Hand 1: Level 1 50/100, 20K starting chips. I raise UTG to 400 with 75s. 3 callers and I figure it will be hard to bluff all of them I should probably try to flop a straight or some.... holy crap! Flop 643. I bet 1500 and the guy on my left calls. Turn 8, I bet 3500 he makes it 7K and I jam. He calls with 33 and the board doesn't pair so I get a sweet early double up.

Hand 2: Still level 1, UTG who is some spewy Euro guy makes it 500, I call with KK UTG+1 and then an old guy makes it 1500 in MP. Old guys reraising scares the hell out of me and after Eurodonk calls I consider just calling but eventually reraise t0 5000. Old guy calls and Euro finally folds. Flop Qxx and I check intending to fold to most bets, but he checks behind. Turn blank goes check/check, and on the river blank I bet 5K and he calls showing the other 2 kings.

Hand 3: The guy with the set has in Hand 1 has now rebuilt to 8K which is fine because he's really awful. I raise to 400 with KK and he calls as do two others. Flop QTx 2 hearts and the BB leads 700. He's also awful and I decide to call to disguise my hand and see what happens behind me before I get too much money in. Hand 1 guy on my left now raises to 2K and the BB deliberates for quite some time before calling. I then make it 7K and the guy on my left calls all-in, BB folds. He has AQ and I win another big pot. I have 53K at the first break which is pretty huge. Not much happens in the next level and I finish it at 46K.

Hand 4: Some old guy who's new to the table and seems really bad limps in EP, a soldish player raises 5xBB to 2K, another solid player calls, and I call on the button with 88. Limper calls and we go 4 ways to a Q8x 2 diamond flop. It checks to me and I bet 5500. Old limper guy calls with 15K more behind and the turn is a Q. He leads for 10K and I put him all-in and beat his QTs. I had around 85K after this hand.

Hand 5: A good aggro player 2nd in chips at the table raises to 1700 at 300/600 a75 and I find QQ in my BB and make it 5500. He calls and the flop comes Q42 rainbow. I bet 7500 and he calls. Turn 3 I check he bets 20K and I move him in for something like 35K more. He tanks for quite a while and folds KK as I later found out. Over 100K now. Now comes the 400/800 a100 level where everything goes crazy.

Hand 6: Yes, this actually happened again I'm not getting confused with hand 1. I raise to 2400 in EP with 75s and only the guy 2 to my left calls (he is awful). Damn, well maybe I'll flop another... wtf? really? Flop 643 and he gets 20K or so in with 99. I had like 130-140K after this hand, and then things start to go wrong.

Hand 7: Old guy who is not as tight as i thought makes it 2500 and get 2 callers from solid players. I find AKo in the SB and decided to raise it 10K more. Except I throw out 5 orange chips which are obviously worth 5K each not 2500. Woops. Original raiser folds and the first caller (Joe Beavers) figures there's no way I ever raise that much with AA or KK and moves all-in with QQ for like 20K more (we'd likely have gotten it in anyways but I'd have more hope of getting him to fold some other way probably). I finally lose a hand but at a very bad time and drop under 100K.

Hand 8: The CO open limps for 800. He's playing so weak-tight and I'm pretty sure I can get he will fold to a large raise. I have 93ss on the button and make it 3200. The BB who is new to the table wearing a Party Poker shirt calls, and the limper folds. Flop Qxx all diamonds, he checks and I chek behind. Turn 8h, he checks and I figure this is as godd a time as any to stab at it and bet 5500. He calls though and the river is the Ad. He checks and I give up. He shows 98o with the 9d and takes the pot. Euro + PartyPoker = megadonk, I should have realized immediately.

Hand 9: Solid guy who I"ve repopped a few times earlier makes it 2800 in the hijack with 30-40K or so behind. I make it 9K on the button with QQ. He calls and the flop comes Axx. We check it down and his KK is good. I dodged a bullet there I would probably have called a shove preflop.

Hand 10: Very next hand, he raises again to 2500 and I call with TT. EuroParty calls behind me on the button and we see a 986 two club flop. Raiser checks and I bet 5500 which is just not big enough. Eurodonk calls and the turn 8. I still fell like I have the best hand and he prboably has to have a draw and I check figuring if he chekcs behind it's fine and he bets I'll jam on him. He bets 13K and I cram for like 30K more effective which is almosy all of my stack. Jesus. How will I explain donking off a 140K stack in the last level of the night? He thinks for quite a while and folds. Not sure if I was just completely on the wrong level and he folded a better hand here or not, but it was kind of scary. Not much happened after that and I finished with 90K. I play again on Tuesday. If I happen to bust that day I can play day 1B of the Bellagio Cup main event on Wednesday which is pretty sweet. Hoping to just relax and have some fun this weekend.



Anonymous said...

Nice start, try to enjoy the weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome Day Watts!

Good Luck!


Rob said...

You tried your best to find a spectacular way to donk out of Day 1. My condolences on making Day 2.

Don't worry.. there's always the bubble! :)

Good luck, man!


Anonymous said...

GL Watts


Anonymous said...

Well done Mike! Keep at it... we'll be watching!


Elliot said...

I suppose it's too late to buy some of your action! Good luck!!


actyper said...

Keep at it man

Anonymous said...

GL the rest of the way Watts!
I'll be sweatin ya online.

Anonymous said...

GL today Watts.

Table/Seat #?