Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chilling in Barcelona

Hey all, not a lot going on pokerwise lately but I figured I'd throw in a quick update. I've mostly just been partying a lot and doing some touristy stuff lately. The only poker I've played is quickly dropping a buy-in on Cake and the live 300 + rebuys PLO tourney last night which didn't go well. Today I'm probably going to go sweat my friends Adam Junglen and Greg "FunkiMunki" Dyer who are still in with 13 left in the EPT event. Adam has around an average chip stack while Greg is fighting on a short stack. You can watch coverage of the feature table live at Play starts up again today at 3:30, so 9:30am EST.

Tomorrow I'm going to a soccer game with Schaefer, which I'm really pumped for, and then on Monday the World Cup people are arriving. I met Daniel Negreanu at breakfast the other day. Obviously I was still drunk and hadn't gone to bed yet or I'd never be up so early. So I went and introduced myself, we talked about the World Cup for a bit etc... He came across the same as he always does on TV and his blog, no different in person, and he was obviously going golfing that day. Anyways I'm really looking forward to getting back in there and playing some more poker as I've played relatively little the past couple weeks, and watching friends deep in a big tournament is really motivating.


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