Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back in Toronto and early WCOOP results

After busting out of WSOPE I really didn't play much poker for the rest of the trip. I mostly spent a lot of time hanging out with the other online players, checking out some bars, eating fancy meals, and even a small amount of sight-seeing! Timex was able to play WSOPE and busted out on day 1 in incredibly hilarious fashion: First, he had his stack up to 30K. Then he got all-in with 42 on the A53cc flop and lost to 42cc when his opponent rivered the straight flush. But he managed to work that 10K back up to 20K when he got moved to the feature table, with none other than former world champion of poker Jamie Gold! For those not in the know, Gold won the 2006 World Series of Poker main event for $12 million by getting luckier than anyone ever. He's really comically terrible at poker, and likes to run lots of hopeless bluffs etc... Here is my post from 2+2:


Just moved to the feature table, the following hand took place at 100/200 a25

Jamie Gold limps UTG, CO limps, MFNTIMEX raises to 1000 on the button with JJ and is covered with 17K behind, Jamie Gold asks if he's button or SB, Mike says button obv, Jamie limpraises to 3200. After a quick thought MFNTIMEX calls. Flop T74dd, Jamie now checks, MFNTIMEX bets 2500, Jamie shoves. The following conversation occurs:

MFNTIMEX: what's your screenname online?
Goldfish: I don't play online. This is my first tournament.
MFNTIMEX: I know who you are, I just want to know your online name there's a lot of people who claim they are you.
Goldfish: says something retarded
MFNTIMEX: I call. (Gold flips 33 LOL)
Watts (to ch0ppy next to him on the rail): LOL!
Goldfish: I knew you had it I just didn't think you'd call.
Watts (yelling with half-empty pint in hand): YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED WHAT HIS ONLINE SCREENNAME WAS!
*Dealer turns a 3*
Watts (to ch0ppy): lol that's so sick.
Watts: lol that may actually be the funniest thing that's ever happened.

We then laughed right in timex's face about how he got pwned by Jamie Gold, timex did a bustout interview where he basically sounded like a baller dropping such memorable quotes as:

"Today is my 18th birthday. I decided to celebrate I wanted to lose 10,000 pounds so I flew over here for this tournament", and

"Live players are so bad it's hilarious. So unreal"

Other memorable events include going for a really nice dinner with timex, ch0ppy, ActionJeff, and skier and losing credit card roulette. It was this cool little restaurant themed like a nightclub (but it's just a restaurant not a club). The food was all asian-style, but a mix of different types of things, not your typical chinese or japanese restaurant for sure. Anyways the food was amazing albeit expensive, and once you add on 2 bottles of fancy champagne and other drinks I ended up getting stuck with the $1200 bill when my credit card roulette skills failed me. The only night I played much poker was Friday, when like 10 or 12 of us all brought laptops to shaundeeb's suite to play the first events of the WCOOP. I had no luck with those, but I did end up 25K on the night playing some really good cash games until 6am or something. That more or less covered my losses on the trip to that point so that was pretty nice.

On Saturday I went to the Chelsea game with skier, Shaun, Schaefer, and a couple of his non-poker friends. It was a good game but not nearly as exciting as the Barcelona match. They played Blackburn Rovers who were very stingy in the back and managed to hold them off the score sheet despite several quality chances and one goal called back because it was offside. Chelsea just didn't have the dynamic playmakers that Barcelona did and Blackburn were much more competitive than Bilbao had been against Barcelona. Drogba was out for Chelsea which sucked, and they were forced to play the more typical European style of playing the ball down the side and swinging in a lot of crosses, whereas Barcelona played more of a Brazilian style. In the end it finished 0-0, but it was still a lot of fun.

I flew back here from London on Sunday, just in time to play the huge WCOOP event that day.
I got off to a pretty good start and managed to make the money, but busted shortly thereafter. I played the $320+r PLO yesterday but didn't have much go right after the first few hours there either. I'll probably be playing most of the remaining WCOOP events. I've already done better than last year with that one cash, but hopefully I can put up a big score in one of these. Alright that's about it for now, still trying to get setlled in here completely. Also it's kind of weird having all this free time with no school to worry about. I'll prboably be playing a ton of poker during WCOOP, but after that it's going to be fun finding things to do with that time to balance with playing. This whole pro thing may take some getting used to.



Anonymous said...


Keep October 6th open - check your facebook / the forum!

Glad to have ya back... see you at RCIV


Anonymous said...


That is Gold and I don't mean Jamie. Please continue to blog about more hilarity!!