Monday, September 10, 2007

lol I'm busto

Sigh that was a short day. I'd splashed around a little and was down to 18K of my starting 20K when this hand happened:

A player who had already shown himself to be quite weak opened to 400 in the CO and I called with black fives in the SB (50/100 blinds). Flop Q95 two dimanonds, I check he bets 600 and I make it 2000. He quickly makes it 5000, I shove and he thinks a minute or 2 and calls with Qd9. Turn dimaond, oh crap, river diamond, gg.

I did however manage to get back in front of the cameras much sooner than expected, as the first player eliminated at the "Fifty" casino PokerNews did a bustout interview with me which should be up on their site some time soon I guess. Check the live coverage/videos section. On the plus side it looks like timex may be able to get into the tournament now which is pretty friggin sweet as his 18th birthday is tomorrow. Anyways I guess I'll just do the tourist thing for the rest of the week. Oh well,



Fuel55 said...

but presto is gold? wtf happened?

Anonymous said...

Argh, hard luck man, on the bright side this will provide you with several hours of beer and wine drinking opportunity. Maybe you can locate some juicy cash game action.