Thursday, September 06, 2007

On to the finals

After a little scare when Jody ran KK into AA and busted 8th we still made it through to the finals behind Ed's 4th place finish in the later heat. Our competition tomorrow will be Romania, Iceland, and the US. We start at 5:30pm local time, so 11:30am EST, but I think the webcast lags an hour behind so starting at 12:30pm EST on Hopefully we can take it down. In other mildly exciting news I played some live 5/10 PLO against Europeans and beat them for 1800 at their own game. The game was pretty soft, though I admittedly got lucky in some of the big pots I won hitting big draws etc... Time to go get some sleep, hopefully we can take it down for Canada tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Good luck guys, take the tourney down!!!

Cliff in Clarenville

Anonymous said...

lol yeah i hate kk. Nice win at the cash game tables. Ofcourse its 5AM now I just returned from the casino. I took 100 euro and turned it into 1000 at the roulette tables in about 1 hour lol! I run so good and I actually had the sense to walk out with the money without hitting the blackjack tables. Im not as degenerate as I thought! Woot , lets take this down.


Anonymous said...

Take er down Mike!


Julian said...

Congratulations I saw most of your heat. How does Daniel determine which players play in the final. ( it looks like 2 from each team ) FJ

ChangLooGrace said...

I write this as you're about to take your seat at the WCP. I checked your stats on PokerStars and Canada's fortunes are in great hands now! Add a little luck to your obvious poker skills and Canada should win this.
Good luck!