Sunday, September 02, 2007

Euro-Watts wins EPT Barcelona

Seriously wtf this guy is my European doppleganger. If I wasn't such a slob and I had a hair cut this picture would be scary. Adam ended up 6th and Greg finished 3rd so relatively nice pay days for those guys/timex.



Neil said...

That's hilarious. I thought it was pretty good before I saw you were in the background.

Dave said...

Looks kind of like some sort of cursed hybrid of you with Conan O'Brien to me.

Anonymous said...

lol that is sick. There is a striking resemblance. Anyhow mate Im in Barcelona now too after a mishap in germany. Talk to you tonight


Anonymous said...

Please tell us who is playing which heat for the WCP. Awesome that each heatis being broadcast live on webcast.
Good luck Watts, have fun and TID.