Friday, September 07, 2007

lol I must have looked like such an idiot

Anyways that sucked, Raymer accidentally limp-minreraised me and then owned me which was pretty awful. Made a completely retarded fold to him, etc... I can only guess what the commentators were saying about the world champion outplaying the inexperienced Canadian. In any event I'm going to London tomorrow I guess I"ll just have to win WSOPE to redeem myself. Oh yeah we finished 4th for people that didn't watch, Danny lost a flip to busto after I lost a bunch of our chips. Congrats to the US who got lucky at first but then played well to take it down behind my buddy Shaun [censored] Deeb's very strong play at the end.

edit: PS. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us or followed our progress throughout the tournament. It seems the local press at home has run several stories on us and we've accumulated various unexpected fans. The whole idea is still a little strange to me to be honest, but it's pretty awesome. And to the whole team and our #1 fan Michelle, it was great to meet/play with you all.



ChangLooGrace said...

I think USA made a great move in moving Greg up to 3rd. They knew that you would have to err on the side of caution because Daniel wasn't in yet whereas Greg could play as he wished. Nobody would accuse him of being the guy who didn't let Shaun Deeb play! I don't know if having Daniel come after you affected you at all but I think Greg thought it would.
You guys made a great run anyway. Very enjoyable watching Team Canada play - you even made Texas Holdem seem exciting!

Dave (stud/omaha player)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Im realy happy I had the opportunity to meet/play with mike in an event like this. Was a great time all around, I thought we made a great run. Good luck to you, shaun, and Adam in London. Im sure it wont be long and ill be in another event with you. Thanks for the laughs; Michelle had a great time aswell.


Alick Tsui said...

Well done, Mike. 4th place in a world's event is pretty good for anyone. Hope to see you sometime one of these days.