Saturday, July 29, 2006

Vegas: Day 2

Today was a much more relaxed day, I didn't even play any poker! Got up around 11 and went for lunch at the MGM Grand buffet which was pretty good, since we had to pick up some tickets for the show we were going to that night over there. This afternoon I didn't do anything. I got my internet set up in my room and browsed a little, then chilled with Steve and Aaron. They were pretty burnt out from poker and didn't want to play, and with the WSOP starting today there'd probably be long lineups everywhere to get a decent game so I didn't bother since the show was at 7.

We saw the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show. It was good but it was more of a musical. Not a lot of really crazy acrobatics which I personally probably would have enjoyed more. It was still pretty cool though and I'm glad I got out to at least one show. I think a bigger Beatles fan would really like it and probably understand more of it than I did.

After the show Aaron and I went to the Rio to pick up our seat cards for the ME and just check out the scene over there in general. Steve said it was insane in the morning but it had calmed down a little by the time we got there. There's still not much room for people to watch the action though and the rail was pretty crowded so we didn't stick around long. I only saw a couple faces I recognized playing, no one really big. Steve plays tomorrow and Aaron and I both play on Sunday. I start at table 141 seat 6, and I'll probably be there the entire day since they break tables on the other half of the room first. No plans for tomorrow yet. I may try to meet up with the elusive haddon, and I'll probably play a decent cash game session.


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