Monday, July 17, 2006

Another crazy Sunday

It was a rollercoaster day for me. I played even higher this week than I have been with that extra 20K of padding in my bankroll. I started the day dropping a buy-in at 5/10 NL when I got stacked for the first time at that level. I couldn't push a guy off TPTK and my gutshot royal flush draw missed. Stuck a grand right off the bat, awesome. Throughout the course of the day I played the big WSOP sats on Stars and Full Tilt as well as various $100-200 freezeous and a couple $100 rebuys. I was in for $3500 in buy-ins by the end of it all and with only 3 tournaments left I had managed only one cash for $650 in the Party million. It was looking like a record day of the worst kind. However I got on a rush all of a sudden in the 3 remaining tournaments: the 100r and 2nd chance $370 WSOP satellite on Stars, and the $150+13 buy-in freezeout on Full Tilt. Unfortunately I flamed out on the bubble of the 100r when I ran TT into AA in a hand I feel I overplayed, and I turned a flush only to run into the nut flush in the satellite. However things went much better on Full Tilt as I made the final table and fought my way to heads up down 2:1 in chips. HU lasted all of one hand when my KQs lost the coinflip to his A8o. Fortunately I pulled in $7300 for 2nd to swing me from a big loss to a nice win on the day. It's 2 weeks until day one of the WSOP for me. Now that will be a really crazy Sunday.


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