Monday, July 10, 2006

Coinflipping for the $$

It was another decent week for me, I managed to grind out another 4 figures of profit but nothing spectacular considering how much I played. I feel comfortable playing 3/6 NL now and plan to mix it in a lot more when I'm not playing too many tournaments. My big scores for the week both came on Saturday night when I finished 3rd in a $100 rebuy on Stars for 4K and 2nd in a $77 freezeout on Party for $2700. Party crashed for an hour with 12 people left in the latter when I was chipleader, but fortunately they were able to get the tournament restarted. After taking some beats and hitting some suckouts of my own I was heads up even in chips, and I ended up getting all-in with 78 vs J6 on a 963 flop. I bricked my 14 outs twice and lost the $2000 coinflip. Not a huge deal, I've taken costlier beats, but flipping coins for 2 grand is a little ridiculous when you step back and look at it that way.

Anwyays, I had a fairly poor Sunday, but Steve's roommate Aaron made it heads up in the Full Tilt 200K Guaranteed. 2nd paid 31K and first 50K. The blinds were huge so they were left crapshooting for 19K. Aaron got it all-in with KJs vs TT when they were even in chips and a T on the flop ended things quickly. Gotta love flipping coins for 20K. Hopefully when I'm deep in the main event I'll win my 5-7 figure coinflips, but the key is to take care of the things that you can control. If you keep making good decisions eventually you'll catch some lucky breaks too and hit that big score.


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