Monday, July 24, 2006

Last weekend before WSOP!

My flight is Thursday and the plan is to play a lot live and hopefully meet a lot of people before I play my day 1 on Sunday. Today I did the usual Sunday thing and had little success. I played 8 tournaments, only cashing in the million on Stars for just over a grand. So I took a nice loss on those. Fortunately, I played a lot of 5/10 NL too and ran pretty well overall to wind up back in the vicinity of even on the day. I'm going to post some 5/10 NL hands and make this a short entry. I'll have my laptop in Vegas and I'm planning to post updates around once a day, or at least whenever I'm in not too tired from a marathon session at the tables or the bars. Anwyays, some 5/10 NL hands:

The Good: The villian is this hand was like 80/10 preflop and generally just as bad postflop. I would normally never get this much money in with TPTK but against this guy it's a monster (his preflop action doesn't actually mean anything other than that he doesn't have J4o this time). If you can't fold an overpair when you're pretty clearly beat you're going to lose a lot of money at this level.

The Bad: A horrendous river call. The fact that I made 2 pair is irrelevant since he has a set, a flush, or nothing, with nothing being unlikely. His flop minraise screams set, but folding seems so weak. Then I pick up the nut flush draw and call one more time. I was planning to turbomuck the river since even the unlikely bluffs just got there.

The I wanted to kill myself when I made this laydown: How can he not have aces though? This is probably terrible, but I dunno. How can he not have aces? Sigh.

Anyways, look for sick Vegas reports starting Friday.


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