Thursday, June 12, 2008

On to Day 2

Today was an up and down day. I ran really good off the start but then messed up some hands at the end to lose a lot of my chips. Early on I flopped the nut flush against a set after chipping up in a bunch of small pots to get to 22K. Then I got some guy on my right to spaz out and put 21K in the pot at 100/200 a25 with TT vs my KK. I had not reraised preflop once in 3 and a half levels but he obv still never believes me. I used to try to use that image to 3-bet light. Now I just nit it up because people from the internet never believe other people from the internet in live poker. So I had 44K or something, got as high as 50K when 88>AQ vs a short stack. Then I misplayed a couple hands where I restole with K-hi and forgot to bluff him off A-hi postflop when he called. I also defended 55 against an LP raise and put in way too much postflop before finally folding and obv getting shown AA from the guy who kept instapotting very street. I grinded the short stack for a bit and ended the day with 26K. I'm supposed to catch the red-eye to Toronto tomorrow night so hopefully I min-cash and quickly bust with lots of time to make that or final table this shit fo sho. I think there are around 120 players left and 72 cash. Average would be around 60K to start the day at 800/1600 a200.



Cameron Wilson said...

Good job so far. It must be hard to get rid of ther other finishes, but you seem that the mojo is coming around for this oneyou need to go really deep and I think your Grandfather would forgive you if you showed him your braclet so go soooooo deep and win this one.

P.S. good job on the weekend in on-line congrats.


Elliot said...

Watson, this bracelet is yours, don't consider otherwise

Anonymous said...

just read this, checked pokernews for updates, and your bustout hand was the very first update =/