Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Made a day 2

Today was the $1K+rebuys. I ended up in for the "minimum" of $4K and never really had a ton of chips. I had one mini-rush where I picked up AK on back-to-back hands and reraised to win a nice pot on the first, and then basebaldy decided to shove 66 over my reraise on the next hand for some reason and I actually won the flip to get to around 35K. I quickly lost those chips raising good hands, continuation betting, and then getting checkraised out of my seat. I grinded the shortstack for the rest of the day and finished with 16.5k with blinds starting at 800/1600 a200 tomorrow. So I'm very short but hanging on. It looks like there are around 106 players left and 72 will get paid so I'll have some work to do right away tomorrow. Also, huge congratulations to Aaron "Pacmann" Coulthard for finishing 6th in Event #2, the $1500 NL event with almost 4000 runners. He won just over $200K for the finish. Aaron was stevepa's roommate in Waterloo, another sick player who sort of stays under the radar since he doesn't play a lot of volume at all but he still crushes.



AceOfHobbes said...

Best of luck with day 2 tomorrow.
Maybe this time they will get you name right lol


AceOfHobbes said...

Heard about your cab problems....what a bad beat

Anonymous said...

why u not at the rio ur getting blinded out u nit, every one knows ur a nit but please at least try and play a hand by turning up