Friday, June 06, 2008

Double Busto

I played both events today with absolutely no success. The noon event was a $1500 6-max NL event which is usually pretty awesome because playing shorthanded against live donks is the best. I lasted 3 hands:

25/50 3K stacks. UTG who looks like mostly not very good opens to 150. I reraise AKs to 500 UTG+1, he calls quickly. Flop KJx, he check/calls my 625 bet. Turn T, he checks to me I think a bit and decide the T should basically never help him. If he has AQ or TT then great, but if he's that bad he's probably also bad enough to stack off KQ or JQ or QQ or something here so I shove my last 1875 and he snaps AQ. NH sir.

Then I waited around and played the $2500 half Omaha H/L half Stud H/L event. Most of my table was pretty bad but I never really made any hands and died a slow painful death. Tomorrow is the $5K NL Shootout which should be fun because you get to play shorthanded more. I expect a relatively tough field but obviously am pretty confident about my chances.


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