Sunday, January 07, 2007

PCA Day 1 Report

This report is probably going to suck because I didn't play any interesting hands today at all. i sit down and look at the list of names and recognize a lot more than I'd like. I'm in the 5 seat. The 1 seat is John Phan. The 2 seat is tnetter, who won the Stars yearly tournament leader board for 2006. 3 seat is some other young online player who is pretty good, and the 4 seat is Joe Pelton. 6 seat is Jason Sagle, who recently finished 2nd at WPT Niagara. The 7 seat was another younger guy who played pretty well, the 8 seat was a more aggressive player who was a bit of a call station at times but didn't play badly (and picked up a ton of hands to cover it up). The 9 seat was an aggressive young asian kid who got a little bit too far out of line a few times and was punished, but didn't really play badly. 10 seat was some weak-tight old guy. Not exactly my dream table.

We started with 20K chips and 50/100 blinds. As far as WPT events go I'm pretty sure the structure for this one was really bad. We played 50/100, 100/200, 100/200 a25, 200/400 a50, 300/600 a75 and 400/800 a100. My first and only interesting hand of the day occured early in level 1 when it was folded to Joe Pelton in the SB and he completed. I had A7o in the BB and made it 400 because that's how I roll. He called and we say a flop of 775 rainbow. He checked and I bet 600. He called and the turn came a 3. Again he checked and I bet 1250. This time he checkraised me to 3500 and I called. The turn came a 2 and he bet 6000. I just called and beat his T9o. Cool.

The next 5 and a half levels consisted of me never getting dealt any hands and occasionally stealing/restealing but getting reraised too often. Between John Phan and tnetter not many hands were getting folded to me so I started reraising them with air from time to time. At 300/600 I lost a decent % of my chips when it was folded to the online player in the 3 seat on the button and he made it 1800. He had been playing really tight but it was still a button raise and seemed like a good time to use his solid image to pick up a pot. I looked down to find AJo and made it 5600. After some deliberation he shoved 12K more and i had to fold despite getting 2:1. Oops. Shortly after this we reached 400/800 a100 and I had a bit under 15K which is a sweet stack size for restealing. So I randomly shoved over a tnetter raise with J9o, but didn't have any other good chances to try to lose all my chips and made it to the end of the level and day with 16,100.

John Phan finished the day with more chips than me despite being down to 450 chips really early (when the young asian kid didn't realize he was so short and just called Phan's river checkraise with a fullhouse instead of putting the last few chips in), and then again down to 2000 chips at 400/800 and being forced allin with J2o vs QQ in his BB. Anyways I'm going to have to double up early tomorrow or it will be a really short day for me. This seems to be a tougher field than most WPT events (day 1B in particular, 1A I heard about more soft tables). Hopefully tomorrow will go better, I'm still not really that far out of it.


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