Saturday, January 06, 2007

Frustrating day but still alive

Joe Pelton bluffed off half his stack to me in a blind battle in level 1 when I flopped trips with top kicker and he tried to bluff me. So I quickly had over 30K but then everything went wrong and I slowly bled chips down finishing the day at 16.1K. The good news is at least I'm still in, but it was an incredibly frustrating day overall. My table was quite tough with no really bad fish and several strong players. I'll probably try to write a full report later tonight.



Anonymous said...

Remember when you won every tournament you played where you were in last place and then made the big comeback? I'm not saying you should try to get to last or anything, but don't think for a second thst you don't have them right where you want them lol :)

Take it down and bring back some crazy stories

That Friggin' Pinhead

Anonymous said...

And remember all the times when you keep surviving with a mediocre least now you don't have a big stack to =D

Take it down Watts...

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