Sunday, January 07, 2007


I got as high as 26K after pushing over a couple raises but lost a pot to drop bacl to 17K. I pushbotted a bit to stay between 17K and 20K. On my bustout hand I was down to 17K at 600/1200 a200 (the 2nd level of the day) and shoved A6o from MP. I guess it's a marginal shove but I wanted to keep enough chips to push over a raise from the aggressive player on my right (and the antes are huge). So the guy on my left obviously wakes up with the aces and I somehow fail to suckout despite having 7% equity in the hand or something. Forunately I went out in time to play the Sunday tournaments online with the rest of the degenerates in the hotel lobby. WPT is so rigged.


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Anonymous said...

Tough one Mike. Congrats on making it there in the first place. Enjoy the trip. Its no KW...but, I'm sure you'll make the best of it.