Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vegas: Day 5

I checked out the Wynn buffet for lunch which was quite good, and then didn't do much until the 2+2 meet up for dinner at ESPNZone at 8. We'd prepaid $55 a head to get a private room with an open beer bar and dinner included. They gave us tons of food and we drank lots of beer so it was well worth the price. Anyways, I basically met most of the "big names" on 2+2 that are old enough to play the WSOP, and a few that weren't. Rizen, sirio11, nath, Foucault, Jurollo, ZBT, yabastid to name a few. Also, underagers gobboboy, Ozzy87, and even the infamous ZeeJustin made an appearance to everyone's surprise (very mixed reaction to that from people I talked to). I guess he's turning 21 in a couple months so he's going to be back in the poker world and trying to slowly make up for what he did. So we hung around there until they kicked us out and just talked poker, life, etc... Everyone I met was pretty cool, and being in that room talking to so many good players was awesome. After that 9 of us made our way over to Treasure Island for some fun: Drunken 2/4 limit mixed games.

I think we played 7 games: Badugi, Crazy Pineapple, Razz, 2-7 triple draw, double flop holdem (2 boards are dealt at each street and the pot split between the winners of the 2 boards. We finished that round with one hand of triple flop and one hand of quadruple flop holdem), Stud 8/b, Omaha 8/b. We played some of the biggest 2/4 pots ever seen. It was not uncommon for a pot to be capped preflop before anyone saw their cards, even though at TI they allow 5 bets per round.

One hand I vaguely recall: Playing double flop holdem I get in a 475845-way capped pot preflop with KcJd. yabastid is raising blind at every oppurtunity. One flop comes AdTd3d and the Qd is on the other board so I call some bets on the flop hoping to win that board. The turn is a black queen on that board so I make broadway. yabastid is still blind raising at every oppurtunity and nath is pumping in the bets as well so we go capped like 4 ways. The river puts a 4th diamond out there and I have the 2nd nuts, but there's a good chance I'm not good. Still, I call a capped river because there's like $5679587950 in the pot. It looks like I'm good for half until yabastid, who still hasn't looked at his cards, yells "SHIP IT!" and spikes his cards over on the table revealing the Kd. That's basically how the game went down. Everyone was donating and we were tipping the dealers ridiculously well for dealing all these crazy games and putting up with us. Actually, everyone was having a great time. They loved that we were just having some fun and not taking it too serious, and of course tipping well, though some of the "serious" players at other tables gave our game some funny looks because we all had 300-800 $1 chips in front of us, and several pots must have been in the $200-300 range. I finished down $75, not bad considering I had many drinks and a ton of fun. We played one lap of each game for a total of 70 hands. This took approximately 6 hours.

That helped blow off some steam and I'm ready to get back in there and play some real poker soon. Not sure what the plan will be for the last few days but I'll probably play at least one more $1000 tournament. Either the World Series event on the 3rd or another Bellagio Cup event. The Bellgio tournament has a much better structure but the World Series event has the advantage of being a Wold Series event, and also prboably having a big field with a shot at a huge payout. I'll definitely get in some cash games too and try to grind back some of the money I've lost. The most important thing is I'm having a good time down here though, win or lose.


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