Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to Online Poker

After a few days off last week I got back into playing poker a bit more and did the usual Sunday thing yesterday. I played the normal selection of big Sunday tournaments and got off to a really bad start. It seemed like the day went terrible, but in the end I won a seat into the $2600 WCOOP main event and made a small profit at 5/10 NL, though I was up pretty big at one point, to end up a few hundred on the day.

In other news, hit21hit, a friend of mine in Waterloo, won his way into the Paradise Poker POWER leaderboard final table. He'll be playing a 10 person single table tournament this Saturday for one million dollars. That's a lot of money, so hopefully he takes it down. Also, the Full Tilt Online Poker Series is running this week so I'll probably play a few of those tournaments. I think I'll leave this a short entry. Later on,


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