Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vegas: Day 6

This is probably gonna be a short one. I slept in and didn't do anything until after dinner. Then I played the $1080 buy-in Bellagio Cup again. I had 20K at the first break (start with 5K) when I took down several pots preflop by reraising with AK and the following hand:

An alternate who got seated at the table a level or so in and doesn't seem good raises to 550 at 100/200 in EP. I make it 1750 with KK and he calls. The flop comes Q84 with 2 diamonds. He pushes for 7500. I call and he tables the A7 of hearts. Donkaments, lol. More brilliant play follows. At 100/200 a25 3 players limp and I make it 1000 to go from the SB. The BB minireraises to 2200 and I'm confused but call. Flop AT8. I check and he bets 2500, I raise him in for his last 1700 and he calls and tables the A8d. Great. Then I get some chips back by sucking out against a set with a flush draw but proceed to go card dead and basically blind off/lose a couple pots when I raise and miss or get reraised and I'm down to 8K when I shove with 66 at 400/800 a75 and get called by the aces.

Then I go play 2/5 NL and don't make any hands for a while. I go up and down a couple hundred and I'm a little tired but several people are playing much worse. One guy blind raises to 15 every hand and he's on my left which is sweet. He's clearly tired and in a gambling mood (he laid me 105:100 on betting red/black on the flop so I took the offer and obviously lost). So I pick up QQ and limp. He makes it 15 and 5 people call. I reraise 100 more, and he quickly makes it 300 more on top of that. The others fold and I just can't believe him. After thinking for a bit I shove in for $550 total and he says "well I only looked at one" and calls. When an A comes on the flop I know I'm dead. $1100 pot shipped the other way to his A8o. I go home and go to bed since it's 7am now. I dunno what I'm going to do today. Maybe I'll head over to the Rio to sweat Aaron and get in a game there. I guess I'll waste another $1000 on the WSOP event tomorrow since I was planning to play that one all along, even though the structure does suck. Hopefully things will turn around for me soon.


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