Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best... Summer... Ever.

Strangely enough it was my worst financially. I basically got killed at tournaments. Then Tony was going to win the main event and make me $3 million or something but that fell through and he didn't even end up winning enough to get me even on the summer. On the plus side I did play a lot of golf, basketball, partying, and good restaurants. Living at chewy's house was awesome, there was basically always a couple other people looking to do the same type of stuff I wanted to do. The summer ended with two of my buddies from undergrad coming down to visit and throwing down one of the craziest weekends of all our lives.

So I came home and got back on the PLO grind and quickly won back the money I lost over the summer. I then proceeded to lose that and a whole bunch more. I really haven't been playing very much poker since then as it left a sour taste in my mouth. I should probably get back on the grind at smaller stakes but I'm very unmotivated right now. I'll likely play some light Sundays until WCOOP starts and hopefully WCOOP will motivate me to get on the MEGA-GRIND. If that doesn't work there's always the get rich quick scheme that is live poker tournaments, but unfortunately I have some real life stuff going on that's going to prevent me from traveling to Europe at all in the coming month for the craziness going on there. I'll just be chilling here in TO and playing WCOOP instead. There are very few big live events I'm interested in in the fall. I'm thinking one trip to the west coast but mostly waiting for PCA/Aussie awesomeness again in the new year for my next major trip.

In the mean time I'll just do whatever it is that I do with my life. Here is a picture detailing some of my goals:


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