Friday, June 11, 2010

World Series of Fail

9 events played, 0 cashes, -87k. It's not like this is some exceptionally bad losing streak but every summer the WSOP starts like this for me and it's starting to piss me off a little bit. Of the nine there's only been two tournaments where I even had any kind of stack, and I think only 3 where I ever reached twice starting stack. Anyways obviously I'll just keep at it and hope to bink something soon. I'm skipping the limit holdem event today and likely playing the 10k O8 tomorrow. I wasn't planning to play this event but there are just so many bad O8 players in the world I figure I must have an edge in a full ring tournament.

Other than that I've been golfing, running, going out a bit and losing crazy propbets to Ashton because hes an insane beast. He ran 14 miles home in 90 degrees after eating a pound of frozen yogurt, a huge meal of sushi, and playing 9 holes of golf before that on a super hot day. It took him only 2:33 as he'd hardly want to let something silly like puking 5 times prevent him from keeping a good pace. Living in chewy's house has been real fun and as you would expect there have been a lot of ridiculous stories already that aren't really fit to write about here. Tony has no shame though so a bunch of them are on his blog if you're interested in that sort of thing, though you probably already know that because his blog is a lot better than mine. GOLF TIME! Peace,


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