Monday, September 27, 2010


I've been on the mega-grind for WCOOP the last few weeks and I was able to make a little money at it. Pretty much all my results came a week ago Monday when I made three final tables: 6th in the Stars 50r for $3600, 1st in the WCOOP-43 2nd chance event a $200r PLO for $28k, and 3rd in WCOOP-45, the $265 Turbo Knockout NL event, for $50k. That was obviously a great day but I never quite got over the top the rest of the time. I had an 8th, several 9ths (one in the iPoker Sunday major), a 10th, and a few other final two table finishes that I couldn't turn into more. I bricked two 10Ks and the 5K main event, and while I'm too lazy to actually add up all the numbers right now I should have netted a profit in the low 5-figures area which is cool. I don't expect to play much online the next couple weeks with the exception of the next two Sundays for awesome GSOP stuff.

I have a huge trip coming up though! First, it will be down to Vegas for the Festa al Lago WPT event. I'll kick around there for a week after and then it's off to Asia with Tony and Truck Dan to plunder their loot and womens. First stop however is Hawaii. Then on to Hong Kong and Macau for the Pokerstars Macau Cup, and APT Macau. There is overlap between the APT Macau main event and our next stop: APPT Cebu in the Phillipines, so I may have to miss the latter. Then it's on to Manila for a few days and finally Seoul will be the last leg of our trip. I am super excited for this as I've been wanting to go to Asia for a while now but the timing has never worked out. I've heard amazing stories though, it's going to be one hell of a trip. Also, the poker tournaments should be incredibly soft.

GL to Timex,CutiePi314, and current top dog for WCOOP player of the series Andy McLeod in the WCOOP main today!


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