Sunday, February 03, 2008

Timex is the sickest

He won EPT Dortmund yesterday for 933K Euro or just shy of $1.4M USD. He's just been on a tear to start the year. Sadly I didn't have any of his action for this. I'm taking a rare Sunday off today to go to a Super Bowl party. I figure I'm probably saving around $6K this way anyways so it's all good. I guess there should be some kind of content in this post. Here is my January graph where I crush over an insignificant number of hands.

Almost $8/hand, wish it was always that easy.



Fuel55 said...

You gotta teach me how not to get coolered so often, since you obviously cant face too many coolers/megasuckouts.

Klopzi said...

Fuel55 linked up your blog and I'm gonna hook you up myself.

I'm trying to move up to the higher stakes games myself (still a little ways away) and I'm always happy to stumble upon blogs of high stakes (or higher stakes) cash game poker.

GnightMoon said...

Watts -
I am the "aggressive player on my left who's 3-bet light already preflop against other players" from the 6-max trny in Australia. I just discovered your blog and was reading about that trny. About a few of the hands -
That first time you 4-bet me I had KQ, I was so pissed off at myself for not just calling and taking the flop in position because I knew you might make that move there with nothing, the trouble was I didn't yet know how good you were. I really felt you might be on a move there but I didn't have the balls to stick in a stack with KQ. Good play.
The next one would have really been a sick play by you, I had crap that time.
The 66 hand I thought was your only mistake, why not just call and take a flop against that guy in position? It seemed like he wasn't the greatest postflop player and you had to have the edge there in position rather than playing a gigantic pot preflop. Anyways, I thought that was your only mistake, other than that I really felt you were one of the best live tournament players I have ever encountered and I hope you continue to play a lot of big ones.

Dave Churchill said...

$8 a hand?

You could get at least like twice that selling your hands in china.

Awesome work in january man keep it up