Saturday, February 16, 2008

I must be the worst ever

OK not really but the stuff I do sometimes makes me wonder. I fucked up really bad today in the $2500 NL LAPC event. I'm not going to tell you the hand because it's too embarassing and you'd lose any respect you may happen to have for me as a poker player, but the cliffs notes is I made a terrible laydown preflop with 16 players left. To rub it in I obviously had the best hand and would have held up to give me an average stack which would be pretty sweet so deep in the tournament, espeically considering I'd been struggling on a shortstack for a while. Then I shoved TT over a raise 2 hands later and a guy behind me obv woke up with aces to punish me for my idiocy. So anyways I cashed for a bit under $6k or something. I guess fatigue probably was a factor playing for 11 hours but that's part of the game and no excuse. Seriously I'm really bad at poker stop reading this blog. Anyways tomorrow is the big $2500 FTOPS event which I get to play now at least. Hopefully I can sleep off my tilt. I mean seriously good players are supposed to capitalize on these few opportunities we get late in tournaments not do stupid shit and blow every chance at a 6-figure win. Sorry for the swearing mom. I'm done now.


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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. You play so many hands, you KNOW what you should do, but sometimes that friggin monkey mind kicks in and you end up doing some super dumb shit...and then you HATE yourself for it. We all do it. Its times like these I try to look at the fact that overall, Im a winning player and god damn it, Im still going to make mistakes no matter how fucking good I get...Its life. You are still crushing this year and things will be good on Dec.31 2008 when you look back and realize what a sick year you had.
Things will be fine.

Chin up bro!